Contractor Inductions are performed to ensure that all contractors, demonstrators and suppliers, undertaking physical work are fully informed of our safety requirements and are able to work safely when on site.

  1. All contractors completing works on-site are required to complete a full induction. This can be completed using the Narellan Town Centre online form or can be completed by visiting the Centre Management Office
  2. ALL contractor employees working at Narellan Town Centre are required to complete a Contractor Induction Form.
  3. The following documents are required prior to commencing works at Narellan Town Centre:
    • Contractor Induction Form – to be completed by ALL contractor employees prior to commencing works on site
    • Copy of Public Liability Insurance – Minimum $20 million
    • Provide proof of Workers Compensation Insurance
    • Work Method Statement to be provided for each job being carried out at Narellan Town Centre
  4. SUB CONTRACTORS: Please ensure that your Principal Contractor has completed an induction and has provided the necessary paperwork. If using the online form to complete your induction you will not be required to submit paperwork.
  5. Prior to commencing works, please ensure that you contact the Operations Team at the Centre Management Office to book in your works.
  6. For any further details, please contact the Operations Team on 02 4647 4123.


Contractor Induction Form

The purpose of this induction is to ensure the workplace safety of all contractors who work within the confines of the Narellan Town Centre. This induction covers both the South and North Buildings at Narellan Town Centre.

The program is designed to supplement the safe work procedures of your employers by providing site specific information about the Shopping Centre. If you are unsure about any aspect of the procedures in this program you are required to seek clarification from Centre Management prior to commencing work.



Before you begin work on site you or your employer must provide Centre Management with the completed Contractor WHS Compliance Checklist.

NOTE: Remember if you have not provided Centre Management with this information you will NOT be able to commence work on site.

Arriving on site

Upon arrival at the Shopping Centre your first action must be to report to the Centre Management Office where you will be required to sign in at reception. In the event that the Centre Management Office is closed at the time you plan to commence work you must contact Security on 0418 608 701 to sign in.

At the point of signing in you will be updated on any works that may be occurring in the Shopping Centre that day.

Once this has been completed you will be issued with an approved contractors pass for the day. This pass must be worn at all times whilst working on site.

NOTE: Any contractor who is not wearing the approved pass will not be allowed to commence work on site.

Access to the Roof, Plant Rooms, MDF Rooms and Electrical Rooms

In order to gain access to any of the above you will need to contact reception at the Centre Management Office who will arrange access for you.

Fire Safety/Alarms


The following procedures for fire safety are very important and must be complied with.

Fire detectors and alarm circuits throughout the centre are fully activated at all times. The de-activation of these systems will only be permitted whilst tests are in progress, repairs or additions are being carried out or whilst conditions that may cause false alarms are evident. For example, smoke detectors should be isolated whilst cutting, sawing, mist spraying. Isolation of any safety system must be organised through the centre management office 48 hours prior to work commencing.


Should any Contractor/Company working on site cause the fire alarms to be activated through any work which could have been avoided by the isolation of the safety system through Centre Management, any charge received by Narellan Town Centre will be invoiced to the Contractor/Company which caused the alarms to be activated.

Under no circumstances will any fire safety systems be left isolated overnight without the express consent of Centre Management unless the works are being undertaken at night and appropriate safety measures are in place.


Hot Work Permit

Contractors must comply with the “hot work permit” form which requires the use of authority approved non-flammable shields and all necessary equipment in case of fire, including, fire extinguishers securely attached to each electric, Oxy-acetylene or Oxy-LPG welding plant bought into the Centre and Provision of an adequate supply or water.

NOTE: The Centre installed Fire Extinguishers must not be used for the above purpose. A fire watch must be maintained for 30 minutes after the hot works activities have ceased.

A “Hot Work Permit” will not be issued when the fire sprinklers are isolated or impaired, unless the works are being undertaken on the fire sprinkler system. Only Centre Management may authorise the isolation of fire safety systems. Under no circumstances are fire safety systems to be isolated until this authority is received.


Fire or Smoke detected in the area

  • Alert people in the area (DO NOT SHOUT “FIRE” – this may cause panic) and notify your Warden.
  • The Warden shall then inform the Chief Warden on (02) 4647 4123 or via in-house radio system by broadcasting “Code Red” message.
  • If safe to do so and you have been trained in the use of portable firefighting extinguishers, attempt to extinguish the fire.
  • If the fire cannot be extinguished, Wardens may attempt to isolate the fire by closing doors.
  • Proceed to the nearest Fire Exit and take any visitors with you.
  • Follow instructions given by your Wardens for the safety of everyone.
  • Contractors are to follow Warden instructions.


Evacuation procedures

In the event of an emergency that requires the Shopping Centre to be evacuated the following procedures will apply;

  • A, BEEP BEEP BEEP alert tone will sound through the Shopping Centres fire evacuation system. This alert tone is your signal to prepare to evacuate the Shopping Centre. At this point you should begin to pack up your materials and make safe your work environment.
  • Once the decision to evacuate the Shopping Centre has been reached a WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP tone will sound throughout the Shopping Centre. At this point you are required to leave the building immediately following the directions of the Fire Wardens who will be distinguishable by the wearing of helmets.
  • If you have any concerns about the manner in which you have left your worksite you should report them to the nearest Fire Warden who will advise the Chief Warden.

During the course of your employment at Narellan Town Centre you may at times be required to work in areas that are not accessible to the public. If you are working in these areas you must ensure that you have located the two nearest egress points in the case of emergency.

NOTE: Click here for the maps of the Shopping Centre that highlight the emergency egress points and assembly areas for both the South and North Buildings.


First aid / Medical assistance

In the event of a work place accident a first aid kit is located in the Centre Management Office.

If you sustain an injury that is of a more serious nature you can contact the following for further assistance;

Centre Management Phone: 02 4647 4123
Security / After Hours - South Phone: 0418 608 701
South Building - Queen Street Medical Centre Phone: 02 4647 4561
North Building – Narellan Town Medical Centre Phone: 02 4623 0775
NOTE: All injuries that occur on site must be reported to the Centre Management Office, where an incident report will be completed.

Centre Rules

It is a requirement that all contractors on site carry out their tasks in accordance with the Centre rules. However, these rules are not definitive and all contractors must remain alert to the safety of themselves. Any matter that causes concern must be reported to Centre Management.

    1. All contractors must obey the directions given to them by Narellan Town Centre or an authorised representative of the Narellan Town Centre.
    2. No works that cause excessive noise, dust or other disruptions to the retailers in the shopping centre are permitted to be carried out during the Shopping Centres core trading hours, which are:

      Monday: 9:00am to 5:30pm
      Tuesday: 9:00am to 5:30pm
      Wednesday: 9:00am to 5:30pm
      Thursday: 9:00am to 9:00pm
      Friday: 9:00am to 5:30pm
      Saturday: 9:00am to 4:00pm
      Sunday: 10:00am to 4:00pm

      There is an exclusion in certain parts of the Centre for work outside of core trading that cause excessive noise or disruptions. Prior to any planned works that will cause excessive noise or disruptions, please contact Centre Management to obtain approval.

    3. Any planned works that may disrupt the supply of telephones, electricity, water or any other utility to all or part of the Shopping Centre must be advised to Centre Management in writing at least 48 hours prior. These works will remain subject to Centre Management approval.

    4. All works that are carried out in public areas must be barricaded to prevent public access to the work site.

    5. No tools, leads or other obstructions are to be left in areas of public access

    6. All work sites are to be cleaned upon completion to make sure that the Shopping Centres image is maintained.

    7. All contractors are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner given the high profile nature of working in a Shopping Centre.

    8. All work that is to be carried out on the shopping centre fire system must be done by the approved Narellan Town Centre fire contractor.


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