Update from Narellan Town Centre

Updated 14.5.2020

Narellan Town Centre management continues to monitor the situation and take appropriate actions.A range of measures have been introduced to operate our Centre safely during this time.

These measures include:


  • Regular cleaning schedules at our Centre with particular focus on high touch point areas including lift & travellator handrails, entry points & amenities, EFTPOS device.
  • Continue to have hand sanitizer available at all key entrances, Customer Service Desk & Centre Management Office
  • Continue to display signage promoting hand washing hygiene in all amenities
  • Continue to display good respiratory hygiene signage at all entrances of the Centre 


  • Social distancing signage placed at all entrances & highly visible locations in Centre 
  • Announcements over our PA system every 30 minutes reminding customers to practice social distancing while in Centre
  • Postponed or cancelled in Centre events and activities until further notice
  • Our retailers are expected to have signs that clearly display how many customers they can accommodate in their store at any one time.
  • Working with our retailers to provide adequate space for customer queues.
  • Displaying government health advice across our in-centre screens.

We remind all customers to practice regular hand washing, use hand sanitiser and cover sneezes or coughs with your arm, not your hands and practice social distancing when in centre.

If you have flu-like symptoms, you should seek your doctor’s advice.

We are closely monitoring the latest advice from the Australian Government Health Authorities and will act accordingly.

More information

For the latest advice, information & resources go to https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/covid-19 or call the NSW Coronavirus Health Information Line on 1300 066 055.

Thank you for your support.





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